Videoproiector ultra-short Laser-Led CASIO XJ-UT311WN, WXGA, 20.000 ore functionare

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    Videoproiector Laser - LED hibrid, rezolutie WXGA, 3100 ANSI lumeni, contrast 20.000:1, factor de proiectie 0,28:1, durata functionare 20.000 ore, HDMI, Wireless LAN inclus, integrare cu tablele interactive SMART Board.

    LampFree. MercuryFree. StressFree.

    The Casio XJ-UT311WN Ultra Short Throw Projector can project brilliant, crisp, shadow-free images of up to 110" diagonal with a full assortment of connectivity and features. The built-in short throw lens and advanced mirror system provides an extremely close throw ratio (0.28:1) and projects an 80" image from just 1.5 feet away.


    Casio’s Ultra Short Throw LampFree® projectors incorporate Laser & LED Technology to produce images of impressive brightness. They have a long lasting lifespan of up to 20,000 hours with reduced electricity consumption and no lamps or filters to replace.

    Please view the Casio LampFree projector video below:


    Key Features

    Casio-Light-Source Casio-Durable-Light Casio-Color-Rendition
    The light source of the future

    The laser projectors from CASIO are able to function without the use of toxic mercury and reduce power consumption by up to 40%.
    A durable light source

    Thanks to the use of mercury-free lighting technology, CASIO projectors are able to function for up to 20,000 hours without replacing the lamp.
    Outstanding color rendition

    The revolutionary laser and LED hybrid light source guarantees clear and brilliant color reproduction for all projectors - even in daylight.
    Casio-Environment Casio-Direct-ON-Off Casio-Japan
    Kind to the environment

    The light source fitted in all CASIO projectors is mercury-free and environmentally friendly.
    Ready to start at the push of a button

    Waiting times and warm-up and cool-down phases are a thing of the past: With just the push of a button, the projectors reach their full brightness in as little as approx. 5 seconds.
    Made in Japan

    For all CASIO projectors,""Made inJapan"" signifies a true guarantee of each product's origin and quality.
    Casio-Brightness-Control Casio-Consumption Casio-24-7
    Flexibility through brightness control

    Projectors from CASIO are able to adapt flexibly to different lighting conditions thanks to the dynamic brightness control.
    Great performance – minimal consumption

    The CASIO projectors deliver brilliant results with a low power consumption of only 0.23 watts (Pro series: 0.4 watts) in standby mode.
    Fit for continuous use

    Thanks to the special light source and DLP® technology, projectors from CASIO are suitable for continuous use. This is subject to a special warranty.
    Casio-WLAN Casio-App Casio-Presentation
    Wireless presentations

    Thanks to their WLAN capabilities, CASIO projectors eliminate cumbersome wiring between the PC and projector.
    Interactivity using the CASIO app

    Using the innovative CASIO app, tablets or smartphones can be easily integrated into lessons or presentations.
    Give presentations without a PC

    Presentations can simply be saved to a USB stick or the internal memory and the supplied software can be used to convert the data into the required format. Presentations can then be given directly from a USB stick – without the need for a laptop.
    Casio-Lumen Casio-WXGA Casio-Light-Control
    Fit for continuous use

    Thanks to the special light source and DLP® technology, projectors from CASIO are suitable for continuous use. This is subject to a special warranty.
    For interactive whiteboards in all formats

    With the ability to switch between WXGA (16:10) and XGA (4:3), the ultra-short-throw projectors from CASIO are suitable for interactive whiteboards in all formats.
    Instant light control

    Thanks to the instant light control feature, the image brightness can be adapted to suit individual and spatial requirements at any time — quick as a flash in 7 brightness levels.
    Casio-High-Contrrast Casio-Warranty
    High contrast

    A high contrast ratio of black to white is crucial for ensuring a true-to-life picture. CASIO projectors produce sharp, rich images thanks to an excellent contrast ratio of up to 20,000:1.
    Light source warranty period

    CASIO projectors feature a special, mercury-free light source with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. Projectors used continuously for more than 12 hours a day are protected by a warranty period of two years or 6000 hours* for the light source.

    Projector Parts

    XJ-UT311WN Parts

    Tip multimedia business / educatie
    Tehnologie DLP cu lampa Laser - Led 
    Rezolutie nativa 1280 x 800 pixeli - WXGA
    Luminozitate 3100 ANSI Lumeni
    Contrast 20.000:1
    Durata viata  20.000 ore
    Conectori HDMI, 2 intrari VGA PC, Video compozit, Component, Audio, Wireless LAN inclus; LAN, USB
    Accesorii incluse telecomanda, cablu alimentare, manual utilizare
    Dimensiuni 338 x 333 x 153 mm
    Accesorii optionale table interactive SMART Board, cabluri profesionale lungi HDMI si VGA de la KRAMER ELECTRONICS; ecrane de proiectie AVTEK si PROJECTA; suport perete videoproiectoare ultra-short
    Garantie proiector 2 ani

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